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Papadopoulos Plea Deal. The Cliff Notes.
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Papadopoulos Plea Deal. The Cliff Notes.

George Papadopoulos, a senior security advisor to the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign pled guilty to lying to the FBI when he denied that he had sought to collude with Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton. That was October 5th, 2017.


As requested here are the Cliff Notes on the 1st conviction in the Trump/Russia scandal. 


If you have been listening to the news a lot of what you've heard is wrong. The facts are Paul Manafort was not the 1st indictment, in fact, there has already been a guilty plea and a conviction.


Take a look at the points below.


There was no sentencing deal to get cooperation. Papadopoulos is being sentenced within legal guidelines.

  • Page 26, The judge states that the sentencing guidelines for the offense and his lack of criminal history dictate zero to six months of confinement.


Papadopoulos was not offered a deal.

  • Page 28-29, Judge asks if anyone has offered him a lighter sentence for pleading guilty, Papadopoulos says no.


He is "Convicted" not just indicted.

  • Page 31, Papadopoulos is found guilty and becomes a convicted felon.


He has not had contact with anyone from the campaign. He has not been running around with a wire.

  • Page 32, At the time of his arrest, he was ordered not to contact anyone involved in the campaign.


The plea was made private for 30 days until other operations were finished. This was the end of the 30 days.

  • Page 39, Govt Atty. tells the court that he will notify the court when this agreement can be unsealed. At that point, he believes the reasons for sealing will not exist at that time.

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