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Confirmed Hacked! Presidential Election 2016
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Confirmed Hacked! Presidential Election 2016

How the Russians Hacked Actual Voters

The Presidential election of 2016 was hacked. Yes…votes were, in fact, changed, and anyone who insists otherwise does not understand how hacking works. There are 2 types of hacks: Brute-Force and Social Engineering. The following are conversations that are typical examples of Social Engineering hacks.

Scene: Sports bar, watching NCAA playoffs.

Sub A: Are you rooting for Kentucky?

Sub B: Yeah, that’s my team.

A: Are you from Lexington?

B: No, I’m from Ohio, but Kentucky is the best.

A: Seriously? Where?

B: Canton. Born and raised.

A: Me, too. I went to Kennedy High. What street did you live on?

B: Cincinnati Ave.

A: You must have known my brother, Jonah; he was born in ‘92. Probably went to school with you.

B: Oh no, I am way older than that; I was born in ‘83.


Scene: IT Help Desk

A:  Hello, IT Support, my name is Dakota. How can I help you?

B:  Hi, this Jasmine, Mr. Simpson’s assistant. Myron Simpson, COO.

A: Hi Jasmine, what can I do for you?

B: Mr. Simpson is at the airport and cannot get into the VPN. He left his password at home with his work laptop.

A: I’m sorry, Jasmine. We can’t give out passwords.

B: Of course not, Dakota. I’m calling because he needs you to reset his password to his daughter’s birthday. You should have it on file. Then he can login before his meeting.

A: Just a minute…I don’t see it in the notes.

B: What? 6 January 2008. Don’t  you see that there?

A: Oh ok, Jasmine. It’s taken care of. Is there anything else I can do for you?

B: No, Dakota, but is there a survey I can fill out for you?

In the first scenario, through idle conversation, a stranger learns where you were born, what street you lived on and your year of birth. All are common identity verification questions.

In the second, someone who seems to have the right authority and information manipulated a help desk person into providing access to a high-level account.

Both are typical examples. Brute Force hacks are accomplished by attacking the code of a system. Social Engineers attack the people, to get the results they seek. In this election, the argument was that votes were not changed on the actual voting machines. That is true, but it does not mean that there was no hacking, or that it was not effective. In fact, the hacking was real and it was effective. It changed the results more efficiently than actually touching the voting machines.

How do you know you or someone you know was hacked? Here are some questions based on heavily trafficked Russian memes.

1.    “I don’t trust Hillary.” You can’t really answer why not.
2.    “Bill Clinton made $10 Million giving speeches.” Yet you voted for a billionaire and don’t care about how he got his money.
3.    “Hillary sold Russians uranium.” Did Hillary have it in her purse? Did she own Uranium? Does the Secretary of State have that authority? Can Uranium be shipped outside the US? Did you know that all answers are no? Do you care?
4.    “Hillary bullied women who tried to break up her marriage.” Ok, if you are a woman and believe this is a good reason, email me <wink >.
5.    Benghazi. After 7 Congressional hearings, led by Republicans who hate her, Hillary was found to be only a bystander.
6.    Email FBI investigation. No charges.
7.    “Clinton Foundation was a slush fund.” But you don’t care that the Donald Trump Foundation only gave money to Donald Trump and admitted to illegal activity.
8.    “Killary”, the super stealth serial killer. Well now.

Bonus: "The election is rigged." This was the number one most trafficked Russian meme.

If any of those sound familiar or ring true at all, you were hacked. These were all memes started, not repeated, but started, by RT and Sputnik. They are both media arms of the Kremlin. Depending on where you live, you may be mildly aware of some or all you these memes. You have been bombarded with them if you live in Pennsylvania, Minnesota or Michigan. They were propagated through Twitter-bots, targeted Facebook posts (“fake news”), sponsored Google search results, forum trolls and then repeated by Donald Trump and pundits friendly to his campaign. These are known in the spy world as “Active Measures.”

Even if you realized the implausibility of these memes, you may have started to get a bad feeling about Hillary Clinton. In Michigan alone, 87,000 election ballots were cast without anyone checked for President. Those people were so affected that they voted for no one. Hillary only lost by 12,000 votes in Michigan.

Clint Watts, of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, testified to the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, that the "Russian Government successfully used Active Measures” in the Presidential election (note the word “successful”). He also testified that Russians used these Active Measures against Trump’s primary opponents as well.

Russia was able to shape the voter turnout in the rust-belt through a very concentrated effort of social engineering. Even in states like California, which went for Hillary overwhelmingly, voters felt the effects of the hack. Ask Bernie Sanders voters for whom they eventually voted. You’ll likely get an unexpected answer.

Maybe you voted for Trump, maybe you were “Bernie or Bust,” or maybe you left the president selection blank. There are very few people who voted for Donald Trump because he was qualified. There was, instead, a vote against Hillary. Then a hopefulness that Trump would be successful. Take a look again, above, at the 8 Russian memes - if you repeated any of them, you were hacked and this election was hacked.

Ed: If you still think people can't be hacked, check out the classic movie clip.

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