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Non-Partisan is Out. Resist is In.
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Non-Partisan is Out. Resist is In.

Blind Dive is no longer pandering idiots.

Today the staff of Blind Dive has agreed to change its targeted mission of presenting information to all sides of a given issue. There has been a friendly impasse between the editor of the website vs. the editors of the  Facebook Page.

The Facebook page targets the passionate resistance while the website tries to provide neutral news presentation.  The website will now try to be more aligned with Facebook followers.

The Blind Dive's logos have been modified by Graphic Designer, Jan Nicosia. The changes are most pronounced in the altered tagline.  The wording has been changed from a "Non-Partisan" statement to "Resist".

The changes to the Blind Dive Facebook page are pending review by

Blind Dive can also be found on Twitter @blinddivecaz

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