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Rubio Trades His Integrity for Harsher Cuba Policy
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Rubio Trades His Integrity for Harsher Cuba Policy

Rubio forgets he is dealing with a "Con man".

This Friday, assuming Trump can stay on point, he is expected to announce a rollback on relations with Cuba.  To this end, no one has spent more time or given up more of his remaining integrity than "Little Marco" Rubio.

Rubio, who calls himself  "the son of exiles" a cherished status for many in Florida, should have an open distrust of all things Russian. Russia is the only reason that Cuba's communist regime has been able to maintain it's grip on the island nation. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Lies about Exile

Rubio has voted with Trump 100%. Particularly notable was his vote in favor of Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State. Tillerson had previously received the "Medal of Friendship" from Russain President Vladimir Putin. During confirmation hearings, Rubio pressed Tillerson hard, but after being treated to dinner at the White House by Trump, Rubio fell into line.

During the campaign trail, Trump and Rubio traded personal insults at a grade school level. Rubio insinuating that Trump had wet his pants. Trump making reference to Rubio's size. Rubio firing back about Trump's hand size and "What that means."

But now, Rubio has done an 180-degree turn. I believe he is trying to stay relevant and influence Trump's decision on Cuban Policy. He wants everything that President Obama did to open up Cuba in 2014 to disappear.  

Trump had made various statements on the campaign trail regarding Cuba, from remaining neutral when first asked in 2015, to his promises to Bay of Pigs survivors to completely bring back sanctions.

Trump is likely to disappoint Rubio.  As a private citizen, Trump has sought to do business in Cuba, which was itself a violation of the 50-year embargo. A rollback would affect the airlines, which travel to Cuba daily and hurt the many Cuban-Americans who would again lose contact with their families. An estimate of 12,000 jobs would be lost.

Cuba Rollback Would Cost Jobs

The Embassy is not likely to close, but a tighter restriction on travel is possible. Since Russia is the principal patron of Cuba, Trump is not likely to hurt them too badly, only enough to show disdain for Obama's policy. 

Rubio stepped up as the first Senator to seriously question James Comey's version of events regarding his interactions with Trump at lasts weeks hearing.  Rubio's hometown newspaper The Miami Herald said, "Trading the integrity of this country for a political shift on Cuba policy is disgraceful."

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