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Trump Can't Say "You're Fired"
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Trump Can't Say "You're Fired"

Steve Bannon hasn't taken the hint. Trump doesn't have the balls.


Donald Trump was on television every week and ended every episode of The Apprentice with his forceful catchphrase: "You're Fired". That is something that he has shown an inability to do in real life. In the last year, we have all seen Trump's incompetence when it comes to managing his own staff.  He does seem to be aware when chaos completely takes hold of the people around him but his reaction is totally feckless.

Instead of directly taking the primary offender to the boardroom, his actions are best described as passive-aggressive. Below is the list of changes in campaign management. In each case, Trump promoted the new guy while leaving the old guy in place. When questioned by the press, the campaign touted the calm within the organization and stressed that Trump values loyalty. Every time the old guy had enough self-pride to "fire" himself.

So far the only person fired has been Gen. Mike Flynn. That was not because he lied to the Vice President as was stated, Flynn remained active for 2 weeks after Trump was made aware of the lie. Flynn offered his resignation after the new York Times outed him. Since then, Trump still defends Flynn.

Anyone who says Trump is not afraid to fire someone watches too much TV.


Paul Manafort brought into "Help" Cory Lewandowski
May 19, 2016

ABC News

With Trump now the likely presumptive nominee for the GOP, Manafort’s new role is a natural growth of the campaign as they begin to build a team ready for the general election, according to the sources. The role is an obvious promotion for Manafort, but sources stressed it should not be seen as a demotion for campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.


Steve Bannon brought into "Help" Paul Manafort
August 17, 2016

Washinton Post

Manafort, a seasoned operative who joined the campaign in March, will remain in his role, but the advisers described his status internally as diminished due to Trump’s unhappiness and restlessness in recent weeks over his drop in the polls and reports over lagging organization in several key states.


Jerad Kushner role expands while Steve Bannon will be more focused
April 5. 2017

Bloomberg News

President Donald Trump reorganized his National Security Council on Wednesday, removing chief strategist Stephen Bannon from a key committee and restoring the roles of top intelligence and defense officials, according to a person familiar with the decision and a notice published in the Federal Register.

Bannon and Kushner are seen as representing two opposite poles in the administration. Kushner has been identified with the “West Wing Democrats” – a group of moderates who favor social liberalism and a traditional Republican tack on business issues. That group is said to include Economic Adviser Gary Cohn, Ivanka Trump confidante Dina Powell and Kushner.


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