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Trump's Plan To Steal $1 Trillion
Glenn "Caz" Cazenave
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Trump's Plan To Steal $1 Trillion

Trump and Ryans scam to steal $1 trillion.

Here is the scam. Follow closely cause I can only explain it 10 or 20 times.

You run a card game. It’s not your card game, but you run it. There is a lot of money in the game, pretty high stakes.

You and your friends want to skim a little off the top, but the bosses know how much to expect at the end of the month. So how do you steal the money for you and your friends?

Simple (and not), you lower the expectation of how much money you will actually bring in at the end of the month.

The idea is to take a dollar. Just one dollar. So let’s find one of the players who spends that much and discourage him from playing. Let's call him the mark. Once we know that he not coming to the game, we can tell the boss to expect be a dollar less.

Now, in reality, we don’t know whether the game will really be short or over. We are only making projections, because we can’t really tell future. Just educated guesses.

Now that we have lowered our boss’s expectation for the end of the month, we can take that dollar and split it between our friends.

How many times did you hear the President say, “I want to do Tax Reform but I have to repeal Obamcare first.” We heard that over and over.

Trump and Ryan have a scheme to cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% and do major tax cuts for the rich, about $1 trillion worth of tax cuts. The only way they could get away with it was repealing Obamacare and its $1 trillion in tax proceeds.  Obamacare was the "mark". That lowers expectations from $41 trillion down to $40 trillion, over the next 10 years.


Wait. Not so fast. Your mark showed up to the game, when no one thought he would. What do you do? You either give up on the plan or you find another mark.

Now that the Projected income from takes is STILL $41 trillion over the next 10 years, it going to be harder to justify taking that $1 trillion without being called out on it.

“I want to do Tax Reform but I have to repeal Obamcare first.”

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